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Recovery Support

Rams in Recovery

Recovery Support

Rams in Recovery

VCU is proud to support students in recovery.  We believe strongly that students should not have to choose between their recovery and their education.  

We strive to create a supportive and confidential community based in recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction or any other addictive behavior. We want to provide information about addiction, foster an environment where students can succeed academically and in their recovery, and help other students feel safe and understood. Our goal is to create an active community that celebrates all that recovery in college can be.

Collegiate recovery is support for students in recovery from addictive behaviors who are seeking a degree in higher education. Collegiate recovery programs have been around for decades on a few campuses, and research from these well established collegiate recovery programs shows that recovering students have some of the highest GPAs and retention rates on campus.  To connect please email

Check out our Rams in Recovery November Special Edition of the Stall Seat Journal.

November special edition of the Stall Seat Journal featuring information on the Rams in Recovery program at VCU

Check out our up-to-date doc for the latest VCU Recovery Resources. 

For the latest news and happenings check out our Facebook page.

College Behavioral and Emotional Health Institute (COBE) conducted a symposium From Research to Rehab: A Town Hall Meeting on Substance Use and Young People on April 15th, 2016. Visit the website to download slides from the sessions and to see pictures from the event.   

Recovery Campus Magazine

Check out the Rams in Recovery article‌‌ in the summer edition of Recovery Campus Magazine!

Rams in Recovery exists through the generosity of alumni, families and friends of the program.  Donations support staffing the Recovery Program, supporting meals and events, and scholarships for students in recovery. Read more about the JHW Foundation challenge grant to expand Rams in Recovery programs.  

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