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Alcohol/Drug Ed

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol/Drug Ed

Email for more information about Pathways to Choices

The Well approaches mind altering substances and the people who use them with curiosity, compassion, and respect. We strive to provide information on alcohol and other drugs that is based in scientific fact. If you come to speak with us, we will never judge you, whether you’re concerned about a friend's substance use or your own substance use, or you just want to learn more about a drug. Students come to us for a variety of reasons. We are here to help or can provide you with additional resources.

We strive to provide objective sources of information, and we are always open to new information in the literature. Please contact us at if you have suggestions to improve our content. To seek help for you or a friend or for more information on our programs or resources related to alcohol or other drugs, please call the Assistant Director for Substance Education and Recovery Support at (804) 828-2086. You can also request a presentation for your group.  

Pathways to Choices

Pathways to Choices is a free, online alcohol and drug education class. Click here for instructions for accessing Pathways to Choices. If you have questions about Pathways to Choices, please call (804) 828-2086.

Alcohol and Drug Self-Assessment

For those who wish to examine their relationship with alcohol and other drugs, there is an online assessment tool that is both confidential and anonymous.

Log onto the assessment and use the referral code vcurams in order to access it. 

Seeking additional assistance? Consider checking out these other resources.

SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training)

SMART provides support to individuals who are considering or engaging in abstinence from any type of addictive behavior.  SMART empowers individuals to develop skills to stop destructive thought patterns, emotions, and actions and start living the life they want. Find local meetings here.

Interested in learning how to use SMART to make a change in your drinking, drug use, or other addictive behaviors? We have a SMART Meeting in the middle of MP campus on Mondays at 7:15pm at 819 S. Cathedral Place. Contact (804) 828-2086 for more information. 

Start Your Recovery

A tool that where students can learn about other people's experiences with addiction, find the answers they need about alcohol and drug use, and locate support. is built for people in any stage of the recovery journey.

Moderation Management 

A recovery program and national support group network for people who have made the healthy decision to reduce their drinking and make positive lifestyle changes.

Reddit Support Group

Web-based social support for quitting drinking.