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Rams in Recovery

The Well is a great place to learn about available services and get information about alcohol and other drug use.


Pathways to CHOICES

Pathways to Choices is a free alcohol and drug education class consisting of two parts: an online class hosted on Blackboard that takes approximately two hours to complete, and a follow up meeting with a professional from University Counseling Services or The Well

NOTE: It may take  up to 3 business days for an administrator to add you to the Blackboard course. You will receive an email notification as soon as you are added.

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Alcohol and Drug Self-Assessment

For those who wish to examine their relationship with alcohol and other drugs, there is an online assessment tool that is both confidential and anonymous. Log onto the assessment and use the referral code vcurams in order to access it. The assessment is best viewed in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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VCU Alcohol and Other Drug Policy


Welcome The Wellness Resource Center (The Well) at VCU! We are here to help students achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. We provide an array of services and resources related to the following health topics.

We aim to be positive, inclusive and empowering in our materials and programs. We conduct interactive, informative health presentations by request to classes and student organizations.

Not Anymore

Required Title IX Training
VCU requires all incoming students to complete an online training called "Not Anymore" about sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking. You will learn skills to contribute to a safer campus community. Take the training online or sign up for a live training session in a supportive environment.

It Doesn't Take Much To Be Someone's Hero

Every day, Caring Ram takes notice of fellow Rams and steps up to help. More